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8 Ideas For Relaxation During Busy Times

The start of the school year can often be a stressful time for people of all ages. Whether you are a student or have been out of school for years, here are some ideas for how to take some time for yourself.

1. Take a hot shower or bath. One of my favorite things to do is light a few candles and take a hot bubble bath while I listen to calm music. Doing this never fails to relax me no matter what stressful situation I'm in.

2. Have a cup of hot tea. My favorite kinds of tea to drink when I am feeling stressed are peppermint or chai.

3. Go for a run. Working out is a known stress reliever and is just all around good for you. Next time you're feeling stressed out try going for a run.

4. Try a face mask. You can get a face mask from the beauty section of pretty much any store. They not only make you feel like you're in a spa in your very own home, but they are also a great refresher for your skin.

5. Light a candle and cuddle up with a good book. My favorite kind of candle to use is one that is fall scented. Preferably apple cinnamon.

6. Take an early morning walk. I love taking walks in the morning and feeling the cool air on my skin.

7. Watch a funny movie.

8. Do some yoga. I always feel so relaxed after I do some yoga.

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