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How To Grow Your Twitter Following


  • Engage with your followers. Make them feel welcome. Reply to their tweets, retweet or favorite.

  • Live Tweet events and use the offical hashtag.

  • Share funny things that happen in your daily life.

  • Host a Twitter giveaway. Rule: They must be following you to enter.

  • Get in on discussion.

  • Use relevant hashtags.

  • Make connections with important and relevant people.


  • Buy your followers. (Guess what! They aren't real people... Meaning they don't give you retweets or favorites. Meaning it's obvious that they're fake. And you just look silly.)

  • Be an annoying fangirl. It is fine and great to be a fan of something, but there IS a difference between being a fan and being a crazy, obsessive, creepy fangirl.

  • Tweet too much. You don't want people to get annoyed and mute you, or worse.... unfollow you.

  • Post spoilers for movies and tv shows. Yes, we all like to talk about current movies and tv shows that we like, but there IS a difference between talking about something and ruining it for other people.

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