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My Current Favorite iPhone Apps


This one is an app that pretty much everyone has, but I have found myself using it a lot more than usual lately. Instagram is a great way to express yourself through photos!


This is a cool new app where you can livestream with your followers. The people watching can type questions that pop up on the screen and if they like something you're saying they can tap on the screen and hearts will show up.


OKAY.. Bitmoji is SO COOL. You can make these emjoi type pictures that look like you. I'm not even kidding, my friends and I sometimes have entire conversations through Bitmoji.


Afterlight is my favorite photo editing app. It has an abundance of different filters, ways to adjust lighting in your photos and even add frames or borders. The BEST part is that you can save the way you edited a photo and apply the same edit to a different photo later with the click of one button.

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