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Little Women

This past month of december, I played Beth March in "Little Women." The show now ranks as my favorite show I've been in to date. From the first rehearsal the entire cast just clicked. We became a family. Not only onstage, but

offstage too.

My sisters onstage became my sisters offstage and we hung out even when we weren't in rehearsal or doing a show. Performing this show twice a day was pure fun. "Our Finest Dreams" allowed us to run around the stage and have silly sword fights. "Five Forever" allowed us to have a sense of teamwork and being one. "Some Things Are Meant To Be" and "Days of Plenty" allowed us to connect to deeper emotions and feel more intimate with eachother. Little Women is a unqiue show because it allowed me as a performer to access all of my emotions at different times in the show. Little Women tells a powerful story of the importance of family. It teaches us to dream big. It teaches us that it is okay to be sad sometimes and it is okay to grieve. Little Women is a unique show because it is real. Sure, it has a few cheesy moments like every musical, but overall the show is so good because the audience is seeing real humans living, and laughing, and crying.

This show helped me grow as an actor and as a person. I learned, once again, the importance of teamwork. If the ten of us in the cast were not so close with eachother, the show would not have been as successful as it was. For example: Anytime the sisters came offstage and had to change costumes, we would form a line and unzip and rezip eachothers costumes. Why? We could've just worried about ourselves, but we understood that we were all equally important to the show and we needed to work together to make sure we all got back onstage in time. We all looked out for eachother, which is not always something that happens in shows. We all made sure everyone had what they would need to be sucessful.

My heart aches to see this show have come and gone so quickly, but I know there is more ahead for all of us. I can't wait to see where the future takes this beautifully talented cast.

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