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Tips For Staying Organized

Invest in a planner:

I suggest picking one that is cute and interests you, but also has enough space for all of your scheduling.

You can make your planner as easy or complicated as you want. Whatever works for you. The point of a planner is to have a visual of what you have planned for the day. Here is an example from my planner:

Invest in a desktop day planner:

With a day planner sitting on your desk, you can plan out hour by hour (if you wish) what you have to do that day. This is my day planner that I have on my desk ( I got it for $3 at Target):

Start using Dropbox or Google Drive:

The days of flashdrives are long gone. Upload your files to a program like Dropbox or Google Drive. I use Google Drive religiously. A program like this lets you share a file with someone via email at the click of a button. So easy.

Set up reminders on your phone for important events:

I use the app "Alarmed" all the time for reminders. The app lets you name the task, lets you choose a time to be reminded, and if you want it to keep nagging you until you get it done.

Find a journal to write your spontaneous ideas in:

I have a journal that I take everywhere with me and write all of my brilliant ideas in. It's nice to have so I never forget my ideas.

Make a To Do list and prioritize the tasks

I have the cutest to do list that sits on my desk. Write down the tasks you wish to accomplish that day. Number them 1-5 based on importance of completion. You can have more than five items on your list, but with myself I find it easier to complete the tasks if I don't have a never ending list.

I hope these tips help you get organized for the new year! If this helped you, share with a friend. Tweet me (@AbbyRPeek) if you have a suggestion for a post you'd like to see next!


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