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Bedroom Design

One thing I love to hang in my room is cute signs with quotes or sayings. This one is great because I think it is super inspirational. I love quotes because I feel like you can interpret a lot of them the way you want. I take this one as "Wherever you are right now in life, be the best you can be."

As you can see my walls are a pink-ish brown color. The color is called "vintage charm." My color scheme is mainly made up of this color, black, and white. With accent colors of turquoise and gold.

Here I have a turquoise record player that I love SO MUCH.

On the wall above my bed I have assorted picture frames of pictures that make me happy. I am still working on this wall. Soon I will be adding different shaped picture frames. and spacing the photos out with more patterns, quotes, and even some mirrors.

My bedding is from Urban Outfitters. It took me a long time to pick out bedding because I wanted something cute that wasn't too colorful or distracting. This is accompanied by gray sheets and gray pillows.

Around my desk I have lights (Almost like in a dressing room!) and a Brooklyn poster.

Next to my computer on the left, I have a mason jar that I put spare change in. You'd be surprised how much that can add up over time! I also have three notebooks and my Little Women book. The Little Women book was gifted to me while I was in the show and has notes from the cast inside. It is nice to have in case I ever want to read the notes. (Or re-read the book!)

The notebooks I have on my desk are very important. The blue one is one my mom got