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Bedroom Design

One thing I love to hang in my room is cute signs with quotes or sayings. This one is great because I think it is super inspirational. I love quotes because I feel like you can interpret a lot of them the way you want. I take this one as "Wherever you are right now in life, be the best you can be."

As you can see my walls are a pink-ish brown color. The color is called "vintage charm." My color scheme is mainly made up of this color, black, and white. With accent colors of turquoise and gold.

Here I have a turquoise record player that I love SO MUCH.

On the wall above my bed I have assorted picture frames of pictures that make me happy. I am still working on this wall. Soon I will be adding different shaped picture frames. and spacing the photos out with more patterns, quotes, and even some mirrors.

My bedding is from Urban Outfitters. It took me a long time to pick out bedding because I wanted something cute that wasn't too colorful or distracting. This is accompanied by gray sheets and gray pillows.

Around my desk I have lights (Almost like in a dressing room!) and a Brooklyn poster.

Next to my computer on the left, I have a mason jar that I put spare change in. You'd be surprised how much that can add up over time! I also have three notebooks and my Little Women book. The Little Women book was gifted to me while I was in the show and has notes from the cast inside. It is nice to have in case I ever want to read the notes. (Or re-read the book!)

The notebooks I have on my desk are very important. The blue one is one my mom got me for Christmas this year. On every page there is a really great quote. Every day I try to write about the quote. The "dream" notebook is a notebook I put in my purse every time I leave my house. I write ALL of my ideas in this notebook. It's great to have because you never know when you'll have a brilliant idea that you want to remember. Last, but not least, my planner. This planner seriously has EVERYTHING in it. From appointments, to meetings, to travel, to rehearsal... You name it, and it is scheduled in my planner. I also have an iPhone app (Alarmed) that sends me reminders for the things written in my planner, as well as other things I need to remember to do throughout the day.

I LOVE this notepad! It is a to-do list that has little boxes on the side that you can cross off as you finish the items. It also has a quote at the top... "Great things are done by a series of small things brought together." SERIOUSLY.... What a great reminder.

Okay, you're probably thinking "Abby is an organization freak." That's because I am. I am a person who cannot stand to be late to anything. I cannot stand missing deadlines or not getting tasks done. On my desk I have a day planner that I can write down my plans for the day.

Last, but not least on my desk... I have a gold stapler, a picture frame, and a mason jar full of various writing utensils.

Next up, we have my chair. I have had this chair forever, and while it is not my favorite it WORKS. If I wasn't moving in just a matter of months, I would get a new chair. On my chair currently is a cute accent pillow and (turquoise) Macboook.

This is my bedside table! It has a wooden top, and a gold bottom. On top of it I have a cute little plant, flameless candles, (YAY for no fires!) and a speaker that connects with bluetooth to my cellphone. It is great for listening to music around my room.

Across from my bed and next to my chair is my TV. On one of the shelves underneath the TV I have wooden boxes that I keep my DVDs in.

Lastly, I have my piano. Hanging above my piano are my signed Hamilton poster and my signed Wicked poster.


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