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Must-Haves for an Aspiring YouTuber

1. A Good Camera

I have two cameras I use when making YouTube videos. I have a Canon 70D and a Canon Rebel T3i. I generally use the 70D more often, just because it is the better camera of the two.

2. A Tripod

Invest in a tripod. Seriously. Shaky footage can take a video from amazing to "eh" really quickly. Now, if you're dong a vlog and need to be walking around a lot, that's a different story. I hardly ever use a tripod while vlogging.

3. A Subscription To a Royalty Free Music Site

Find a Royalty Free music site that creates music you like. The last thing you want is to be in trouble with copyright infringement.

4. A YouTube Channel

I MEAN... This one is really obvious. Make a channel, personalize it, and get started.

5. A Brand For Yourself

Check out my post about this!

6. Editing Software

Final Cut Pro and Premiere Pro are both really good, but iMovie works for beginners!

7. A Notebook

This is great for writing ideas in at home or on the go!


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