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Are Your Audition Pieces "Audition Ready"?

So, you think you had a great audition. You remembered all of the words, you practiced your audition song for weeks, and you sang all of the right notes.... And you still didn’t get cast. What happened?

There is more to preparing an audition piece than just singing through it with the accompaniment a few times. In order to make yourself stand out from the rest, you need to show that you really thought about the emotion and words in the song. You need to do the work to get the work.

Next time you're preparing an audition piece, answer these questions:

1) Where am I?

2) Who am I talking to?

3) What is my relationship to this person? How do I feel about them?

4) What do I want?

5) How do I intend to get what I want?

6) What do I have to overcome in order to get what I want?

7) What happens the moment before the scene starts?

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